Story and birth of a winning team

About us

What we are about

Xaveous Inc. is a software design and development company. We create aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions. Our reputation is for building innovative and attractive Dapps, websites, software and apps. Our team comes to work every day to help businesses and people succeed and achieve sustainable growth through personal dedication, technical expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our Story

Xaveous was born in 2009 after a bunch of digital marketers met together and decided to form a marketing agency. It was originally called Pentagram Graphix. It was re-founded in 2018 as Xaveous Inc. We toned down on the digital marketing and doubled down on our design and development services.




NFT Marketplaces
Smart Contracts
Custom token/coin
Blockchain Development
Decentralized Apps
Smart Contract Development


Design & Marketing

UX/UI Design
Brand Design
Websites & Mobile Apps
Graphics Design

Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing


Frontend Engineering
Backend/API Integrations
iOS/Android Mobile Apps
Full Stack


Partnership Models

Xaveous Inc. is fast growing and becoming an industry leader. This is mostly attributed with how carefully we handle our clients. We have different routes we can take with a new client depending on their needs. Go through our models and find what suits you best.


  • In this model, the project scope of work with its associated cost and timeline is defined before development starts. This is a preferred model for longer periods of engagement. Client always has peace of mind of knowing the project will remain on the same budget as agreed. This model suits best to clients who have a perfect vision of their requirement.


  • This is very classic and simple way of engagement wherein clients pay for the number of hours the team works on the project. Clients easily start the project as they don't have to walk in with detailed specifications. This model also allows client to update new features any time and clients know exactly what they’re paying for. This drives a lot more trust and communication.