About Workstep

WorkStep is a B2B platform with a suite of workforce management products. WorkStep tapped Xaveous to redesign their RETAIN product, which provides companies with tools to engage and better understand their hourly workforce at scale. The new design provides managers with a glanceable high-level view, while also making it easy to drill down to the problem areas within an organization based around a new smart alert logic.


WorkStep’s users aren’t experienced in using analytics tools and are only logging into the platform once every week or two, so one of the overarching UX principles was simplicity. The tool needed to translate a huge volume of complex survey data into a digestible and usable format without requiring the user to spend the time slicing the data by different dimensions just to understand it. Our goal was to understand what those takeaways should be, and serve them to the user as actionable insights.

When designing for a range of different user types, understanding what information is important for each level of user is key. Xaveous brought that to the surface by displaying different levels of data for different users. For example, prioritizing the big picture for executives, while displaying a more detailed view for a data analyst.

We also designed a scalable UI framework that could be used for the full range of permission levels within a customer’s company, with 1, 2, or 3 hierarchical tiers.

Many customers are collecting survey responses from thousands of workers each month, which would be an overwhelming number of comments to sift through manually. WorkStep uses AI to automatically flag comments that require attention by scanning for terms related to safety, harassment, discrimination, and more.

These alerts are pulled out from the pile for managers to triage. Managers can reply to an employee’s comment, assign it to the right team member to handle, and submit a description of how the issue was resolved.

Engaging a workforce at scale

Delivered to the employees at key employment milestones and in their preferred language, personalized surveys collect structured, open, and anonymized feedback.

Our team reworked the survey experience end-to-end to be more mobile-friendly, reduce friction, encourage completion, and build trust.

Real-time feedback, insights, and suggestions

Managers are empowered to make informed decisions based on survey results by tracking the satisfaction of their workforce over time and identifying challenge areas before they impact the business.