All for one and one for all.

Why would you hire one employee, when you could hire a team that behaves as one unit? xTeams is our latest service delivery system. Basically what you are getting is a standard employee. Difference now is they bring with them a team that is behind the curtains. You interact with the xTeam member as you would with a normal employee, however when you give them a task, they bring it home and it is dissected and worked on by several individuals. It is broken down into smaller modules and worked on by different experienced professionals supervised by a more senior developer/designer.

Positions We Are Taking

Getting started


Yes. We have systems in place within Xaveous

We give you the option of custom building a team. You can hire an individual based on a skill set without a team. You can also hire up to 10 people with different skillsets you may want.

Price varies as per team size and role. But we operate on standard normal market rate.

Our team has a very high proficiency in English. It is important in our hiring process.

We are now fully remote after having been based in the UK for a while. We are spread across almost all continents. 

For xTeams you pay 30% down payment. At the end of the month you pay 70% like a normal salary.

There are no hidden fees. Just the salary.